SUNSOUL PRODUCTS: yelomöd and blumöd

How does SunSoul clothing produce the 
desired wavelength with such intensity?
Highly specific proprietary fluorescent pigments emit a 
preselected therapeutic wavelength of light. When 
exposed to the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun, 
these pigments capture those harmful rays and by the power of fluorescence, convert the UV into specific narrow bands of light and then emit their intense light onto the area of desired exposure. These specialized pigments actually borrow energy from adjacent parts of the light spectrum to provide an even greater intensity of transmission to the skin.

2. How does SunSoul differ from currently available sun clothing?
SunSoul is totally different in its use and how it works. All
clothing blocks the sun's rays, and the darker the fabric the
greater the blocking. All clothing could be considered sun
protecting, but clever marketing by clothing companies has lead one to believe that a certain garment is sun blocking and another is not. SunSoul does NOT block sun; these garments FILTER, convert, amplify and emit the sun's rays onto your skin in a healthy form. The harmful UV is changed into therapeutic light, allowing little or no UV to reach the skin and thereby protecting you with an SPF factor of 50+. All lots of product are tested after manufacturing to ensure the correct amount of therapeutic light is transmitted.

3. How should I wash my SunSoul product?
We recommend that you use a small amount of gentle detergent and hand wash your product if possible. Remember to use cold water and to let your SunSoul product AIR DRY. Do not use bleach or strong detergents.

4. Why is there a sticker included with each item that indicates it is only viable for 30 washes?
The proprietary fluorescent pigments are bonded to the fibers of the material (nylon high affinity and lycra lower affinity). Each washing removes some of the pigment - this is natural and expected. Testing by SunSoul has shown that for the first 30 washes the intensity of therapeutic light that is transmitted remains around 8mW/cm2. After 30 washes the spectrometer (which measures light) still shows a high level of transmitted light, but the peak is just below 8mW/cm2. This means that after the 30 washes wearing time will increase from 2 hours/week to approximately 2.1 hours/week to achieve the same effect. Most people are wearing SunSoul considerably more than 2 hours/week, anyway. The more time in the sun wearing SunSoul products, the better the results will be.

5. Why does the color lighten more on the initial wash than
subsequent washings?
Much of the excess pigment imbedded into the fabric fibers is washed out during the manufacturing process, but some excess remains. This excess is removed the first time you wash the item. The slightly faded look that results is actually more effective in transmitting the desired light than an unwashed garment that is over populated with fluorescent pigment. The first wash brings the garment to the perfect condition for transmission of therapeutic light.
6. How does wearing SunSoul compare to an IPL treatment(s) in a spa or medical setting?
According to Dr. Michael Kreindel, a world famous laser physicist and one of the founding fathers of the IPL industry, using SunSoul for 2 hours/week for 6-8 weeks will provide the desired effects. However, using SunSoul for 8 hours on a sunny day would result in a similar amount of light exposure one would receive from an IPL treatment in a clinical setting.

7. Can SunSoul be worn too much and result in an adverse effect?
No. Some redness can be experienced from the therapeutic infrared light that is also emitted by SunSoul, but that will subside rapidly. Infrared light is commonly used to help in skin healing procedures following many surgical procedures. The more you wear the SunSoul product, the faster the results.

8. Can I wear sun protecting cream or sun blocking cosmetics while wearing SunSoul?
No. We need the rays from the sun to penetrate the fabric's fibers where it is converted into therapeutic rays that target your skin beneath the SunSoul material. If you wear a sunscreen or sun blocking makeup, you will block the therapeutic rays, defeating the purpose of your SunSoul product. However, we do recommend that you wear sunscreen or sun block on areas that are not protected by
your SunSoul product. Remember, your SunSoul product not only filters the sun's rays to enhance your skin and make it better, it also protects it with an SPF 50+.

9. Can I exercise in my SunSoul clothing even if I perspire?
Yes. The SunSoul material is breathable and is designed to be extremely comfortable while wicking perspiration away from you during activities which cause you to perspire.

10. Can you swim while wearing SunSoul?
Yes. You can wear your SunSoul product to the beach, lake or river and not worry about getting it wet or having that count as one of your washes. It only counts as a wash when a detergent is used. You should NOT wear your SunSoul product in pools, Jacuzzis or Hot Tubs as they contain harsh chemicals.

11. Why are the SunSoul products priced as such?
Any other therapeutic procedure, or device offering such a profound improvement in the appearance of skin, would not be considered expensive. The research and development on this product line has extended over three years, included more than 400 fabric color attempts, and involved various approval agencies, making this product more like a pharmaceutical than a textile. It is great that this is a device that can be worn, but one must not lose sight of what is occurring - it is almost like wearing an IPL device!

12. Does the UV protection decrease with washing?
No. The ultraviolet protection factor of SPF 50+ will not decrease with washing.
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